In Brooklyn Yesterday


The Standard From Two Sides


Another Statue

Polaroid + Statues





Prints from Distressed Polaroid 655 Negatives.

Death Valley

Lilacs Too!

Portraits by Artists: Matt Terry


A few years ago I started commissioning artists I admire to create portraits

of Charlie. My most recent commission was for the artist Matt Terry. I came across Matt’s

drawings from postings his sister Megan made on facebook. You can see more of

his Poor Traits here. I’m very pleased with the drawings Matt created.

I love Lilacs!

Cartier-Bresson at MOMA

Book Cover: Well Enough Alone

Cover Design by Kelly Blair

Un-cropped Image

Original author photograph the cover mosaic was based on.


This is a book cover I worked on with the lovely designer Kelly Blair.

The book is about the authors struggle with hypochondria.

Cover concept involved a portrait done as a mosaic in pills.

Bling on Wheels

The New Lincoln Center Fountain

Lincoln Center Fountain

Old School Haircut




Central Park Polar Bear