Brooklyn Memorial

Project: Dying Tulips, Dead to Me.


I’ve been working on this project for a while and can’t seem to make it work.

Late last Spring I went to the Conservatory Gardens in Central Park to shoot the

dying tulips. The photograghs are adequate but they don’t have that spark I was hoping for.

I’ve contemplated printing them B/W as well as Gum Bichromate, even desaturating them

and adding grain. I’m open to suggestions, currently I’m at a loss.

Gehry in New York

New New York Times Building

Not So Long Ago

School Play

Snow Tipped

Garden: And So It Begins 2010 Edition.

Detail: Grand Central Terminal

Friends Are Wii


Glass + Natural Light

Tea Bags

My New Baby!

Just received my new M9, I’m very excited!

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After Taxi Fire

Why I Love New York: Abandoned Lots

One thing I love about NYC is how empty lots become a community dumping ground. The lot next to

the building I work in has been empty for probably 4 years now. Nothing gets under my skin

more quickly than developers bulldozing entire city blocks just to put up one homogenous

monstrosity after another. Normally what happens is the developer buys a stretch of buildings

and tears them down, then they wait and acquire all of the adjacent buildings. Sometimes biding

their time for years, all the while leaving the leveled lots as a blight on the city. This lot

appears to be a victim of the recession, its status not to change anytime soon. Funny thing

is the lot has recently become a dumping ground for the surrounding neighbors. As you

can see a nice collection of crt monitors has made an appearance, I think thrown by someone

in my building. I must confess this makes me feel good, a metaphorical middle

finger to visual detritus.

My New Favorite: Hong Kong

The architecture in Hong Kong is incredibly  inspiring to me. I could spend years there and never

find myself wanting for lack of subject matter.

Reminder: Art Auction for Haiti Ending Soon!

This print is up for auction with all benefits going to the relief effort in Haiti.

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Fly on Shade

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