My New Favorite: Charlie

Dual Tower

Snow + Branches

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Nice in the Park This Morning

The Flash!



Two  years ago I started a project were I photograph Charlie every year in his Halloween costume. This year he was the flash. I just got around to photographing him last week. I shot  B/W film but at the end I thought it would be fun to shoot him with some old color polaroid which had long expired.



Bleached selenium toned silver gelatin print.


silver gelatin print.




Shanghai World Financial Center



Easily the most spectacular building I’ve ever encountered.

Art for Haiti Auction

I’ve been chosen to participate in an online auction to benefit the relief effort in Haiti.

The photograph above was printed on Moab Entrada fine paper and measures 20X16, signed.

The auction starts on February 27th; for more details on the auction

please go to:

Snow + Tree

I have an obsession with shooting trees. Living in NYC I don’t have much exposure to them, thankfully I live near Central Park. Whenever I start jonesing I head up and get my fix. As I did this morning in an amazing snowstorm. One from the take, more to follow…..

Snowman with Brows


Grumman Olson

The Bean and Birds.

Orange Polaroid

4 Oranges

Gum Bichromate Portraits



Last year about this time I started experimenting with Gum Bichromate Printing. I wanted a new subject to focus on since the process was also new to me. I struck upon the idea of going to my son’s pre-school and taking portraits of him and his calssmates. I didn’t want a traditional “all smiles” look to them, especially since at that age the kids were conditioned to smile anytime a camera was pointed at them. I wouldn’t say I was mean or rude but I intentionally wanted them to feel slightly uncomfortable. By and large this approach worked, except notably for my son (bottom Photo) who  was so excited my being there he couldn’t stop smiling. I’ve include just a few of the portraits I took that day.

Paper Magazine Shoot

An image from a Paper Magazine shoot I recently completed.

You can see the remainder of the spread Here

Book Cover: Big Ideas//small books – Bodies

Cover Design By Henry Yee


This is from a series of books called Big Ideas//small books.

I worked on it with the amazingly talented designer Henry Yee.

Henry writes on his blog about the creative process involved for this cover shoot.

You can read about it here

Weekend Visit to Tappan

Maria + Charlie

Ed + Charlie

Ed + Charlie

Maria + Charlie + Charlie

Urban Archeology

Paper Clip



Bottle Cap

Summer 2009

Looking West

From My Roof.

Leica M6

This image is from the first roll of film I shot with my M6.

The image quality is amazing. My love affair with Leica is boundless.