Book Cover: Happy Now?

Book Design by Henry Yee

Alternate Takes

Book Cover: Choice

These book covers designed by Henry Yee never ran.

Too bad, I thought they turned out great. Henry explains the concept

for the covers on his blog here.


Original Images.

Book Cover: Well Enough Alone

Cover Design by Kelly Blair

Un-cropped Image

Original author photograph the cover mosaic was based on.


This is a book cover I worked on with the lovely designer Kelly Blair.

The book is about the authors struggle with hypochondria.

Cover concept involved a portrait done as a mosaic in pills.

Book Cover: Big Ideas//small books – Bodies

Cover Design By Henry Yee


This is from a series of books called Big Ideas//small books.

I worked on it with the amazingly talented designer Henry Yee.

Henry writes on his blog about the creative process involved for this cover shoot.

You can read about it here